About ERI

ERI Vision: ERI will serve our community by fostering innovative activities and concepts to strengthen the food processing industry.

ERI Mission: ERI will be a resource to the food processing industry by providing education, scholarships and research, through fundraising activities and volunteerism, which continuously improves the exchange of knowledge and promotes sustainability.

ERI Board of Directors Purpose and Duties:  The ERI Board of Directors shall determine what activities shall be carried on within the framework of the objects and purposes set forth in the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. The Board can solicit funds, gifts, grants and bequests; receive subscriptions; and establish, endow and hold the investments and assets of the Corporation. The Board of Directors can elect, remove, or suspend such officers, assistant officers, servants and agents as it may, from time to time, deem necessary; and appoint committees on particular subjects. The Board will determine who shall be author

Endowment Fund

Established in 1989, NWFPA’s Endowment Fund, managed by the Education & Research Institute, provides (6) $2,500 scholarships annually to promising students in food processing-related disciplines at colleges in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.  The vision for the future of the food industry will include innovative leadership from new technical and professional employees. 


Call 503-327-2200 for a free DVD on the industry and its Endowment Program.

Fully tax-deductible contributions to this fund are also used for internships and key research projects benefiting the Northwest food processing industry as a whole. Since 1989, the scholarships have totaled more than $400,000.   We welcome contributions of any size to help create your legacy towards new careers in food manufacturing.  Contact: controller@nwfpa.org or call 503-327-2200.