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To be eligible, students must be focusing on an academic discipline and career plan that supports the food processing industry cluster. Applicants should demonstrate participation in activities supporting this academic and career focus. Examples of relevant academic disciplines include, but are not limited to: agricultural sciences, food science and technology, nutrition and dietary science, production operations management, engineering, horticulture, agriculture and resource economics, business management, accounting, environmental sciences.
Students must be residents of Idaho, Oregon, or Washington.

  • Qualified students will be selected from enrolled students in four-year accredited institutions in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.
  • Students must have at least a junior standing; 90 quarter hours or above. Where the semester system applies, junior standing is 64 hours or above. Graduate students in related fields are eligible.
  • To be considered, students must complete the Endowment Fund Scholarship application in full. Attachments may also be submitted, but a completed application form must be submitted.
  • Family members of the board or officers of the Northwest Food Processors Education and Research are not eligible for these scholarships.
  • Incomplete submissions with be disqualified from further consideration.

Selection of award recipients involves the following levels of evaluation:

Applicants shall submit applications, unofficial transcripts and references direct to ATTN: ERI Scholarship David McGiverin

  • ERI Scholarship Manager will review the application packets and populates the ranking sheet.
  • ERI Scholarship Manager forwards instructions and a ranking spreadsheet to the ERI Board of Directors along with all (9) application packets. ERI staff member includes date for ranking sheet to be returned.
  • Each ERI Board Member ranks all the nominees by state and submits these rankings to the ERI Scholarship Manager. The ERI Scholarship Manager will tally the results and prepare a list of the winning candidates for the ERI Board Chair.
  • The ERI Board Chair confirms the winning candidates as the final selection for awards. ERI Board Chair notifies ERI Scholarship Manager of the selections.
  • ERI Scholarship Manager notifies the winning students.


  • Demonstrated direction and commitment to a career in the food processing industry (35%).
  • Internship and work experience in food manufacturing or related fields (25%).
  • Leadership and involvement in related curricular and extra-curricular activities and programs (10%).
  • Grade point average (10%).
  • Financial need (10%).
  • Degree level (10%)


  • Deadline for applications delivered to ERI Scholarship Manager is April 2nd.
  • Selection of scholarship recipients will occur before Mid-June.
  • Announcements to all applicants will occur by Mid-August.