Organized in 1914 as a canners association, the Northwest Food Processors Association (NWFPA) supports the needs of the Pacific Northwest food processing industry (Idaho, Oregon, and Washington) in a variety of food processing & packaging segments: fruits, vegetables, seafood, dairy, bakeries, specialty, juices, and more. NWFPA’s membership base includes national companies with operations or headquarters in the Pacific Northwest, regional companies, and locally run family businesses. NWFPA is one of the nation’s largest food processing trade associations, with current membership of more than 140 processor companies and more than 350 supplier members. NWFPA is located close to Portland International Airport, offering convenience for our members attending Association meetings. The office sits at a mid-point for the State capitals of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

Historical Timeline:

1914 - Northwest Canners Association formed (incorporated in Oregon 1922).

1926 - Northwest Barrelers Association formed; became Northwest Frozen Foods Association in 1937.

1956 - Merger of Northwest Frozen Foods Association and Northwest Canners Association to form Northwest Canners and Freezers Association.

1969 - Name changed to Northwest Food Processors Association; membership limited to processors of fruits, vegetables and potatoes.

1985 - Processors of other products accepted as “Associate” members.

1989 - Northwest Food Processors Association Endowment Fund established to help fund the education of promising students in food processing related disciplines at Idaho, Oregon, and Washington colleges.

1999 - “Processor” membership opened to companies processing nearly all food products.

2007 - Northwest Food Processors Education and Research Institute incorporated with purpose of enhancing overall economic health of the northwest food processing cluster and the communities it supports.

2014 - Northwest Food Processors celebrates its Centennial!

2015 - NWFPA launches into its second millennium with bright plans for the future of food & beverage manufacturing.