Resources Available:

Listeria Checklist: Developed by food processors for food processors, this checklist was designed to help assess gaps in Listeria control programs in frozen vegetable operations. 

Energy Roadmap: In support of the members’ Energy Vision and Goal, NWFPA developed an industry-specifi c energy roadmap.

Sustainability Guide: A robust sustainability program can be thought of as a three-legged stool with environmental (planet), economic (profit) and social (people) issues each representing a leg of the stool.

Photo Library: Housed on Smugmug, the NWFPA photo library offers access to photos from our marquee events: Expo, Autumn Assembly, Energy Summit, Sustainability Summit, Leadership Summit.

Food and Beverage Roadmap: The Road Map, is intended to support a shared vision among industry leaders, policymakers and economic development professionals across Oregon regarding the opportunity to accelerate growth of the food and beverage industry through collaborative public-private partnerships.