Developed by food processors for food processors, the checklist was designed to help assess gaps in Listeria control programs in frozen vegetable operations.

While it was developed specifically for frozen vegetable operations, food processors in all sectors with con-cerns about Listeria contamination of their product may find this checklist helpful in assessing program gaps.

Features of this comprehensive 43-page checklist include:

  • Part 1: Basic Listeria Control Strategies for Food Processing, designed for frozen vegetable processors who expect their products to get additional lethality steps applied before it is consumed.
  • Part 2: Control Strategies for High Care Frozen Vegetable Operations, helps processors of frozen vegetables who don’t expect their product to get additional cooking or cooking sufficient to destroy Listeria before being eaten.
  • Sample swab testing procedure and environmental foodborne pathogen surveillance program.
  • Helpful FDA investigational resources that assist processors in understanding agency methods, data, and procedures.
  • Literature references that guide processors through the best scientific and procedural thinking on Listeria control.

A team of frozen vegetable food safety experts from NWFPA member companies developed this audit format checklist so that frozen vegetable processors everywhere could prioritize their continuous improvement food safety projects in these areas:

  • Sanitary design of facilities and amenities, equipment and utensils
  • Cleaning and sanitation practices
  • Environmental monitoring considerations in the control of Listeria
  • Water control in the production area
  • Good manufacturing practices and personal hygiene


Download Version 1.01* of the NWFPA Listeria Control Checklist for Frozen Vegetable Processors by completing this short form:

Listeria Checklist

*NOTE: The FDA has proposed new guidance for control of Listeria in food processing plants and NWFPA’s Listeria task force members are evaluating it for inclusion in this checklist. Check back often for NWFPA’s checklist 2.0.